Rowan is your Lead Coach for trainers and classes

KO8 Head of Operations (Germany)

The KO8 is the most functional piece of equipment you’ll ever use! A ‘must have’ for fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts!

Our philosophy on being able to train anywhere/anytime and make full use of our surroundings is what created the KO8. Our system was developed out of pure necessity to bring you one complete solution which caters to the contemporary world we live in, where time comes at a premium. The KO8 will provide you with the answers on how to build lean muscle, improve mobility, and burn fat through dynamic movements.

Why do we train? We have many different reasons and motivations. For some, we train to get fitter and stronger for a particular sport or activity. For others, training may be the fastest route to feeling healthier or to achieving a desired aesthetic look. For some people, we train to rehabilitate past injuries or to restore mobility after years of incorrect postures that have lead to weaknesses in our bodies. At this moment in time, there have never been so many options in the fitness industry and it can often be difficult to know what way to turn. We welcome you to experience the evolution of functional movement using what we call The KO8 System.

1. A full day of training in the new and innovative KO8 Functional Movement System. This exclusive learning experience isn’t available through any other training provider in the world. You will develop unique skills and knowledge that can be applied to your clients giving you an advantage over other trainers.

2. Opportunity to work alongside KO8 Academy founders Kieran Owens & Sean Clancy to receive the ultimate KO8 experience.

3. You will be awarded 10 REPs CPD points on completion of the assessment, which will fulfil the REPs annual requirement whenever you are required to register CPD points as a fitness professional.

4. You will receive exclusive KO8 Academy video content which is not available anywhere else on the internet containing fully broken down exercises with all coaching points and also a Group Exercise example workout with the format to follow.

5. You have the option to be added to the “KO8 Certified Trainer Directory”. This online database on our KO8 Academy website will display your working locations and contact details for clients looking for a qualified KO8 trainer which will drive business to you as an individual.

6. You will receive an exclusive KO8 Academy T-shirt which is only provided to trainers who have completed a Live KO8 certification.

7. You will receive a lifetime of 15% discounts on all and any KO8 products after completion of your KO8 Certification.

8. You will have the opportunity to be invited to VIP KO8 training to be trained up as an affiliate coach allowing you to conduct and deliver KO8 Certifications in different parts of the world on behalf of KO8..


– How to effectively test & retest mobility through joint range and learn tips which will get your clients moving with less pain and more fluidity.

– Muscle building advancement techniques on how improving range of movement can increase strength and power production as well as advanced bodyweight training techniques to develop hypertrophy.

– Developing Thoracic spine rotation and force transfer.

– Joint stabilisation techniques to help resolve pain & prevent injury during explosive exercise or sport.

– How to understand the stretch-shortening cycle to optimise athletic performance tuning.

– Owning the transverse plane and learning a catalogue of 3Dimensional movement exercises with correct form and technique